Military, Law Enforcement, Security, First Responders

"There are those of us who innately run towards the sound of danger".

Realizing, understanding and accepting the fact that you are one of these individuals that are driven to help those in need can be difficult. But once you have accepted this fact, you must immediately improve your skills in survival. 

    First Responders 
    The unknown is one of the most difficult things to have to deal with in your types of jobs. The first responders are exposed to all sorts of situations, people, and risks. Be prepared to handle unstable and difficult subjects. Be prepared to keep yourself safe while performing your difficult work. Learn what to look for. Learn to see danger before it happens. Be ready to protect yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Increase your chances of coming home safely daily. All first responders at 30%
    Military Personnel
    Improve your empty hands, weapons, and tactics training.  Come and train with us and be prepared. All active soldiers at 50% off.
    Law Enforcement

    Get the training that you want and need. Learn the effectiveness of a baton. Effective control holds and takedowns. Be very proficient in knife skills. Law enforcement officers 50% off.
    Personal/Private Security

    Obtain the necessary tools to do these dangerous jobs effectively. Have confidence in your unarmed combat skills and weapons training.  How committed are you to your safety?