Self Defense Clarity

The first thing one should consider in self defense is the individual's primary goal, reason, and or mission in learning self defense skills. Is your goal self protection? To protect your family perhaps. Or you have a broader goal of protecting anyone that needs it. Whatever your goal is, it is important to realize that your goal and or mission must be clear. 

If your primary goal is self protection, you only have one person to worry about. Yourself. Your exposure to potential risks to injury or death pertains only to you and is in your control. The individual whose goal is to protect his family understands that his exposure to potential risks to injury or death becomes much larger and not completely under his control. Then there is the individual that feels he has to protect everyone. This person unfortunately is going to be exposed to  much higher risks than the other two individuals.

If you are not clear about your goals and you stray from those goals, you may fail to achieve them. Imagine that your goal is to protect your family. You stray from that goal by trying to protect a citizen in trouble. You end up getting killed. You have just failed your goals of protecting your family.